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About Patti Ann’s Teddy Bears & Dollies 


My name is Pat Buckert.  I am a certified Master Doll Maker, as well as a Certified Doll Doctor.  I teach students how to make porcelain dolls & teddy bears at my studio in Oshtemo, Michigan.

I first became interested in porcelain dolls when I was very young.

Grandma & Her Doll

The picture is of my grandmother when she was a little girl.  As you can see she loved her dollies too!

When my grandmother grew up she became an antique dealer and an avid collector of antique dolls.

Her dolls were all so beautiful to me.  Grandma wouldn’t allow me to touch them but I could look!  I spent hours gazing (and touching when grandma wasn’t watching) at the interesting painted expressions on each doll. The clothing was also fascinating: some of the dolls were dressed very plain, while others were dressed in very elegant outfits.

As I looked and studied each doll, I remember wondering who the little girl was that had owned the doll, and if she was allowed to play with it or just put it on a shelf to gaze at – like I was doing.

Through the years my interest in porcelain dolls grew.  However, I couldn’t afford the real thing, so I found an instructor that taught porcelain doll making.  My mother and I signed up and began our journey into the world of porcelain doll making.  That was in 1970 and my love for dolls has continued to grow every since.


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